Carril Solar is a 400 MW nominal Solar PV project located in the Puerto Lumbreras and Lorca municipalities of Murcia, Spain. The project is currently in an advanced phase of development. Once built, it will provide approximately 300.000 households with clean and sustainable energy, corresponding to around 80% of all households in the Murcia region.

The PV plant will require around 700 Ha of land (equivalent to 1.400 football pitches), 3.650 Ha of which are under study. An approximately 18,5 km long transmission line will be installed to transport the electricity produced to the delivery point located in the Carril substation, owned by Red Eléctrica de España (REE), the Network Operator. The PV Plant will be entirely placed in Puerto Lumbreras, whilst the transmission line will be shared between the latter and the municipality of Lorca, corresponding to one third and two thirds of the total length respectively.

The PV plant will comprise more than 20 closed sub-plants, therefore perfectly adapting to the existing rural environment.