Economic benefits:

  • The project will generate € 280 million private capital cost investment.
  • During its 30+ year operating life, the project will spend a significant amount in salaries and operating costs, a big part of which will be spent in the region.
  • Municipal taxes and fees paid by the project constitutes a significant increase in the revenues of Puerto Lumbreras municipality both during construction and operating periods.
  • Thanks to the project landowners will have the opportunity to rent out their property through long-term land lease agreements.
  • Compatibility with current agricultural and farming activity in the project area is a top priority.
  • The project will provide economic stability, diversify income sources and add value to an area that has until now been mostly dependent on agriculture – a field which is suffering more and more from factors such as the global market situation, global warming and damaged soil.
  • The project will create new and stable jobs in an area where economic diversity is urgently needed:
    • 1.300 direct jobs on average for the construction period of approximately 18 months, with peaks of up to 2.500 jobs
    • The workers coming to the area will positively affect the municipality’s economy by needing accommodation, restaurants, transportation, leisure and other services.
    • 50-100 full-time, long-term positions will be created for the plant’s operation and maintenance (30 years initial period).

Environmental considerations:

  • Through the production of clean, sustainable energy the project displaces CO2 emissions by approximately 250.000 tons per year!
  • The project will adapt to the existing ground conditions and earthworks will be minimized.
  • The project will allow the soil to regenerate itself.
  • There is no adverse environmental impact!
  • The project does not use any water other than the minimal consumption required for module cleaning (less than 5.000 m3/y) and will thus not affect the water resources.
  • The project will not have any impact on the temperature in the area
  • Special fences as well as green corridors are foreseen in order to allow autochthonous species to freely move within the project area.
  • The electrical installation, with the exception of the high voltage transmission line, is designed to be buried underground, at an average depth of 1,5 m and cable routes will run along the existing roads, paths and plot boundaries.

Visual impact:

  • The project site is crossed by the A7 Highway, 3 m high steel structures supporting the modules will be observable. Just 200 Ha of the 700 Ha required will be covered with modules. The PV plant will not create an unpleasant view, in particular when compared to large greenhouse facilities existing in the area.

Atmospheric emissions:

  • No requirement for natural gas or oil back-up – completely emission free.
  • Air emissions will increase during construction – but only during construction – due to movements of vehicles and disturbance of soil for a very limited period of time during site preparation works, construction of roads… , in any case the impact is equivalent to current agricultural activities going on in the area. Dust suppression methods will be employed to keep the atmospheric emissions under control.
  • Air emissions will not pose any danger to the environment.